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Kaydanks can you shed some light on how to use the virtual cards and where the cards are accepted? I know from using other virtual cards that it is hit and miss on where to use the cards. Amazon and Ebay don't gel with them. I run them through my website with Stripe and get hit with a small commission on the transaction.
04/05/2021 15:28:29

hey just wondering if anyone has been issued their March payment yet and how will I receive the virtual mastercard?
31/03/2021 13:24:54

hey just wondering if anyone has been issued their March payment yet and how will I receive the virtual mastercard?
31/03/2021 13:24:45

I have been doing Redc for a few years now and enjoy doing surveys with my husband,the virtual card was at first time try and use it,I kept getting a declined message,I discovered the way to use eventually,all good keeps me thinking

30/03/2021 15:31:50

When do you get surveys??? Signed up at start of week and have gotten nothing is this normal? Seems like it would take a ridiculously long time to reach 50?
26/03/2021 10:47:39

over two years now, only complaint would be not enough surveys. but does what it says on the tin 50 points = 50 euro in the post.
24/03/2021 07:45:31

Sea Murphy....check the date the took it out go back through your emails+spam just in case....and u will find it👍
14/02/2021 16:20:47

Yes I have had problems with virtual cards,be carefull how the dates are entered.But perserve and all will be good.Great company I must honestly proclaim.
30/01/2021 12:14:21

When and how will I receive my first survey?
25/01/2021 14:51:36

virtual master card wont work
19/12/2020 16:59:11

anyone else having trouble getting in touch with redclive? i am owed money should of received it early november as they took out 50 points in october?
11/12/2020 00:00:28

looks like REDC have gone into decline, still owed money for november tried emailing but no reply, decided not to waste my time with them anymore, such a shame
03/12/2020 17:03:54

i cant understan what has happened to Novembers payment, no reply to Email, feel a bit let down :(
02/12/2020 13:29:08

Still don’t know what’s happening about the €50 virtual Master card that has been declined on 3 occasions. A poor show.
27/11/2020 08:29:35

Still have not got my money. The virtual master card was refused on three occasions by online retailers and now when I write I’m ignored.
Not a happy person.

11/11/2020 19:35:49

when do i get paid.
08/11/2020 07:58:57

More surveys please
27/10/2020 20:42:11

I have enjoyed doing the surveys and earning a few extra euro. The only problem is now that we get a virtual MasterCard the card has been declined on 3 different sites it comes up “Invalid number or missing”. I have been in touch by email 3 times and no reply to date.
22/10/2020 13:49:41

i enjoy doing these surveys, there interesting questions to answer. very worth subscribing to for a reward each time!
12/09/2020 11:11:02

Derek Cooper
Super site. Love that the redeem is automatic. I hope they keep PayPal/ virtual card forever not just for time of covid19 coronavirus. One tip is as soon as you get survey take part as sometimes places fill up fast. #staysafe and thanks redc.
08/06/2020 01:30:32

Where do I get the surveys . Signed up last week and no surveys?
07/06/2020 18:35:28

When and how I will get my first surveys??
05/05/2020 10:32:00

Mary O'Leary
The surveys are v interesting and varied. It keeps the brain active and its nice to feel you have helped a producer or manufacturer. As customers it's nice to feel that our opinion matters.
27/04/2020 13:31:29

Can i get more surveys please
12/04/2020 19:13:11

I am very happy to join redclive..They give always easy and relevant survey..I got my 2nd reward todayas ago

22/03/2020 07:37:22

Love doing these surveys always appropriate length and relevant interesting topics. Payment appropriate for surveys done.
08/03/2020 14:15:39

Redclive is by far one of the best survey sites around,their surveys are always interesting and relevant.
23/02/2020 23:46:46

Really love Red C surveys enjoy doing them
21/02/2020 16:28:26

sean murphy
just received my cheque for €50, was honestly suprised, so many sites just ask you to do a survey then bombared you with spam, not had one problem with RedC live, thanks for being trustworthy. :)
14/02/2020 14:01:38

Excellent survey site, one of the best I've ever been a member of. Had a few issues in the beginning due to making simple mistakes, which cost me time and money however; now I'm used to the site, no more mistakes. Surveys are varied and interesting, which helps keep the brain active. Payments are as stated on the home page so, have no issues there either. Have recommended this site to some friends and they have an enjoyable experience also. Keep up the good work, I'll try and keep my end up too.
29/11/2019 16:15:52

Rhona Gannon
Really enjoy doing these surveys. Easy to navigate and relevant to what’s going on in society. Pay efficiently and on time.
11/11/2019 20:56:36

Great site
22/10/2019 07:22:23

Micheál Ó Murchú
Enjoy surveys. Very interesting
10/09/2019 19:41:21

Kevin Deignan
Great site,interesting surveys and ALWAYS pays on time.Highly recommended them.
17/08/2019 10:22:11

There is no any survey site like redclive!! I just love it! It is so much easy to make extra credit!
31/07/2019 05:55:34

18/07/2019 18:49:41

I got redclive cheque today morning..!I am so happy !! Thanks
17/06/2019 09:56:39

margaret croghan
Great way to earn a few extra euro. Just wish there could be more surveys to earn money a bit quicker.
26/05/2019 00:10:54

Nice survey site I am waiting for my reward!!
50 Euro not so far!!

13/05/2019 18:36:29

Just joined ! Cant wait to get my first survey !!
02/04/2019 01:12:26

Best survey site I've ever come across with. Cheques are sound.
07/02/2019 23:11:16

Great survey site highly recommend it.
01/09/2018 19:21:51

Iris Cudd
Great way to earn a few extra euros
13/08/2018 17:39:00

I love REDC LIVE, they have good surveys, easy to answer and navigate. They are an honest company that pay well for your time. I would highly recommend them.
13/03/2018 15:46:50

Started surveys in late August received my first cheque in November and should receive another one in January.
These surveys are the best online surveys I've seen.

13/12/2017 13:50:03

Tony Byrne
Very honest company! Always pay cheques as they are due.

Surveys are very interesting and fun to be part of. The new quality control checks are excellent, to ensure people are kept interested in the questions at hand.

16/11/2017 00:37:28

The points for surveys are very fair and the surveys are enjoyable compared to other survey sites but invites to surveys aren't very often.
30/10/2017 10:59:50

great pay for what your doing. very fair system . some of the other sites would only give you a euro for an hour survey
18/09/2017 18:55:00

This is genuine . it took about 2 and a half months to get my credit to €50 . easy to do . Just be honest .
17/09/2017 19:58:21

margaret croghan
Surveys are great. A great way to make some money and have your opinions heard.
29/08/2017 02:53:15

Philip Matthew Courtney
Find the surveys very straightforward, and easy to complete, also some of the surveys could be expanded on, to get a greater reward, all and all, a very happy customer. Wish I could get €50 every month though :-)
16/08/2017 16:30:43

Fun surveys so far.... Keep them coming!!
20/06/2017 19:51:18

Well laid out surveys, rarely screened out of them.
09/06/2017 13:45:45

Beata Matolcsi
Great surveys, easy navigation and best when my check is arriving compared to other survey sites. Only, the surveys are coming rarely, send more often pls! Thanks RED C!
24/05/2017 13:21:15

michael larkin
Cheque arrived
Cheers to everyone at RedC

22/05/2017 17:27:46

Great survey site with fantastic awards. Really value your time to express your views. Well done RedC!
11/04/2017 13:20:15

The points for surveys are very fair and the surveys are enjoyable compared to other survey sites but invites to surveys aren't very often.
04/12/2016 12:26:22

John O Herlihy
It's great to work on the surveys and get paid,
19/11/2016 17:21:12

michael larkin
Cheque arrived this morning.
Thank you to everyone at RedC

19/09/2016 10:43:29

Thabiso Moyo
best surveys and the rewards given are better than other site .. love redclive
17/09/2016 15:32:31

This is 1 of the few sites That give You Great value for each of the Surveys that U all recieve ,
Bravo REDClive ...
Ur my no.1 site for Surveys , Thz very much.

17/09/2016 12:33:41

Great site very good.
25/08/2016 19:05:31

Keep em coming plz.
12/08/2016 12:57:47

Stephanie Branagan
To begin with - I like that REDC reward with cheques. Surveys are always engagingly interesting and the rewards are higher than their competitors. This website is very easy to navigate and customer care is great.
10/08/2016 12:14:55

The site works, I have made 50 euro so far.
25/05/2016 10:06:45

Just joined
27/04/2016 10:38:49

delighted to join this forum, I'm looking forward to receive a Surveys to enable me to give my opinion. wish myself Good luck.
22/04/2016 09:01:38

The surveys are easy to do and interesting.
03/03/2016 20:45:23

Nelu Ramfu
The most rewarding surveys and also enjoyable. My third 50 euro check received since I joined. Thank you RedC, keep the surveys coming.
28/11/2015 01:19:35

Hello all, I've just joined, looking forward to the surveys and giving my opinions.
12/11/2015 18:41:11
Surveys are easy to do and the rewards are very good keep up the Good work redclive
04/11/2015 14:09:04

My first cheque arrived in the post this morning, so I was delighted with that! Surveys are easy to navigate and relevant to me and I look forward to participating in many more. Thank You Red C!
22/10/2015 14:26:55

Just enrolled or was I just surveyed. I think I did my first survey in myself. :-)

23/09/2015 11:19:00

I am very happy to be a member in this site.The surveys are interesting its a great opportunity for me to give my opinion
20/09/2015 19:59:28

Aidan White
Great surveys. Technological easy to do and and surveys are very relevant and interesting.
04/09/2015 14:17:26

masudul alam
i have done many survey in online but this redclive survey is more enjoyable and more reward
25/07/2015 03:29:40

John O Herlihy
i like the set up of the site,easy flow and the surveys are interesting to take part in to have your opinion out there and make a difference
24/06/2015 13:53:20

This site is extremely easy to use amd the surveys are always well thought out and concise, its a great way to get involved in research groups.
24/06/2015 00:29:09

vivekanand raggoo
the best survey site
22/05/2015 09:46:03

Kelly Daly
Love doing surveys on red c layout of surveys is very good and easy to understand. No hassle payouts thanks red c
22/04/2015 09:27:45

decided to check this out and offer my opinions, intrigued by your web site it`s very user friendly
27/02/2015 20:30:27

Meenakshi Anusuri
I am very happy to be a member in this media.. The surveys are interesting.. its a great opportunity for me..
23/02/2015 12:37:15

havnt recieved any surveys yet :-(
06/02/2015 18:42:18

Iris Cudd
Nice to earn a bit of money for my opinion
02/02/2015 14:41:26

Hi , its great to be part of your team & wonderful to be involved in someyhing new. My only problem is , where do I get started
Thank you

Kind regards , Sean

28/01/2015 11:20:45

Kelly Daly
just received my first cheque for 50 euros delighted love doing surveys with red c
20/01/2015 22:51:35

Barbara Lane
Very handy doing these surveys as they are topical and easy to complete. Great to get the cheque coming up to christmas. Every little helps, thanks.
14/01/2015 18:06:32

Saima Khan
Hello all, I've just joined, looking forward to the surveys and giving my opinions.
21/09/2014 23:25:28

Lillian Looney
Great surveys that are of interest time suggested for surveys are pretty accurate not like other survey sites. Easy to follow format. Highly recommend Red C Live
26/11/2013 12:50:33

Blaga Ivanova
The site is easy to navigate, Surveys are interesting
26/10/2013 15:03:02

Anastasija Liadova
just got my first check!
22/08/2013 18:13:51

peter mahon
just recieved my first payment of 50 euro, keep the surveys coming.
thank you red c

21/03/2013 13:52:52

John Lloyd
I really enjoy the surveys. They are about things that i have an opinion about
21/01/2013 18:10:10

breda quinlan
got my first cheque this month ,it has taken me a while but delighted with it
19/12/2012 10:32:36

Edward Watters
The site is easy to navigate, Surveys are interesting to take part in as I feel I have an opinion about current issues in the media. Delighted with my win of €250 in last month's prize Draw.
20/10/2011 18:43:03