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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RED C Live?

RED C Live is the online research community created by RED C Research and Marketing Ltd. RED C provides intelligent research and informed insight for clients in the worlds of business, culture and politics. (See What happens to my answers?)

RED C’s mission is to provide a level of service and thought unrivalled by others, to ensure that reliable insight is generated from all of our surveys, through innovative research design. The key aim at all times being to help companies and brands maximise their product positioning and marketing, to enable sustained growth by providing consumer or customer clarity.

RED C are members of AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations), ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) and the MRS (Market Research Society) and abide by the professional guidelines for conducting high quality research and polling set out by all these organisations.

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Can I join and how does it work?

If you're an Irish resident aged 16 or over and are not employed by or otherwise affiliated with RED C, you can register to join the RED C Live panel. Your personal details are completely confidential and will never be passed to any third party. (See What is the information used for?) For each survey you complete in full you will be paid. (See "How much do I earn for each survey?")

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Do I need to register?

Completing the registration process tells us that you have "opted-in" to receive emails regarding upcoming surveys.

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How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free! RedClive do not charge for joining, there are NO annual membership or administration fees.

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Do I have to do all the surveys?

Participation in RedClive surveys is entirely voluntary, you can complete as many or as few surveys as you want, although the more times you take part the more money you can earn.

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How many surveys can I do?

You can participate in as many of the surveys we send you as you like, (though each survey can only be completed once), whenever you like, provided you are eligible to participate. However, different surveys run for different lengths of time, so it's best to participate early to avoid disappointment: once a survey is closed or enough people with a certain profile have completed a survey, it can no longer be completed.
There is no set amount of surveys you receive in any given time period. Suitable panellists are selected at random for a survey, so you may receive many in quick succession or similarly you may go a while without receiving one.

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Do your surveys have quality control checks?

In order to ensure that you give careful consideration to each question before answering, we have added quality control checks to all of our surveys. Points are not accredited to your accounts if your answers are illogical or if a minimum amount of time has not been spent taking part in a survey. These inbuilt quality control questions appear on every survey and are administered to everyone equally.

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What should I do if I can't access a survey?

If you can't access a survey for any reason (if getting security warnings from your browser, or being asked for authentification information, for example), then try pasting the link to the survey directly into your browser. If that doesn't help, then please send us an email stating which browser you were using along with the survey invite email you received.

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How do I register?

Simply click the Sign Up Now button and follow the on screen instructions. The registration process is easy and will only take a short time to complete.

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What is the information used for?

All surveys are conducted under the ESOMAR code of Conduct. Survey results are used for research purposes only and you will not receive any communication from 3rd party organisations as the results are only ever presented as average scores e.g. 8 / 10 people in Ireland are happy with their current job. (See "What happens to my answers?")

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What happens to all my answers?

Your answers will be pooled with all the other responses to the survey and analysed as average scores, often these results are published in the national press or reported on current affairs programmes.

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How much do I earn for each survey?

The amount you are paid for each survey will depend upon the average length of time it takes to complete the questionnaire; Typically RedClive pays €1 for every 5 minutes you spend completing online surveys, provided the survey is completed accurately and in full, and takes an acceptable amount of time to complete (based on the average length of completion time.)

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When will I be paid my money?

Once you have accumulated 50 points we will send you a cheque or virtual card for €50 at the next payment date. Thereafter, with each 50 points you accumulate we will make a further payment of €50.

Payment dates: Please note that payment will only be made when your account has reached a minimum of €50.

The payment process works as follows:

If on the 29th of September your account shows €48 and on the 3rd of October your account shows €53, your payout of €50 will be actioned at the end of October and paid to you within two weeks of the date actioned.

Please also note that your reward account will only be credited with points earned on a survey once that survey is closed. This might be after as little as 1 day, or as long as 3 months, as different surveys run for different lengths of time.

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How do I close my account / unsubscribe?

You can close your account at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button once you have logged into your account on

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Can I change my details?

Yes of course, by logging in to your account on  Click on “My Details”, then “Profilers” which is on the left side of this page and then on “Contact Details”

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